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CBD (Hemp) OIL – A New Lease on Life?

CBD – A New Frontier in Medicine Have any of you readers tried CBD yet, since it was legalized a couple of years ago? I have been taking it in oil form for a year-and-a-half with phenomenal results in the areas of pain management and […]

The Power of Intention

As all good friends know, I had a meltdown when I lost my guardian angel Great Pyrenees, Bear, on October 12th. By the end of September, the writing was on the wall, I was going under emotionally, and so I put myself on a strictly […]

Existing in Bear Time

I haven’t posted in a long time. Over three months to be exact–not since early July. It’s been a period of stagnation and lack of inspiration. So I have put myself on an indefinite leave of absence, from work, from life, from who-knows-what. It’s a […]

Practicing Gratefulness and Forgiveness

This is one of my favorite morning coffee spots, and today, soaking up its beauty, I was meditating on what gifts we can offer ourselves that make us feel whole and full of grace. Gratefulness came first, because I was feeling full of it as […]

Anthropomorphism – Dangerous but Tantalizing Territory!

This is something we try very hard to avoid in animal communication: Anthropomorphizing. Which, in this context, basically means attributing  human emotions and characteristics to the animals we talk to rather than accepting what they show and tell us on its face—whether it matches what […]

Narcolepsy? Insomnia? Other Sleep Problems?

Has anybody else gone into serious hibernation mode this winter? Maybe it’s because we’re having more snow and cold than usual here in Northern New Mexico, but all I have to do is think about or look at my bed, and I can be out […]

Square Peg in a Round Hole – What is YOUR Healing Journey Like?

I recently had the most startling memory. I was chopping up sweet potatoes and broccoli for my dogs’ natural diet when it came to me. I have never had this memory before, and it must have been from when I was three or four years […]

Are You Honoring Your “Bunny Essence”

Have you ever wondered why the Chinese Zodiac is linked to animals? The year of the Dog, the year of the Horse, and so on. (I myself am a Rooster.) An eye-opening animal communication session I had recently got me to thinking that perhaps the […]

How Do We “KNOW?”

A couple of days ago, I had a most interesting happening when riding my mare, Bella. After months of lameness and then surgery in late May on what would be the equivalent of our ankle, she and I are now in the riding phase of […]

The REAL Difference Between “No Kill” and “Open” Animal Shelters

What if I said, “There is no such thing as a ‘no kill’ animal shelter.” Would you silently scoff, beg to differ, or be up in arms? Well, I do believe that. And am prepared for lots of argument. But I’m quoting my dear friend, […]