Animal “Walk-Ins” – A Different Kind of Reincarnation

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Is this Moose, Merlin, or both?

What’s going on? The number of reincarnation cases I’ve been getting these past few weeks has been mind-boggling. Maybe it’s just a reflection of the fact that more people are believing in the fact that souls reincarnate… including animal souls. Or maybe it’s because more souls are striving to evolve more quickly by existing on our planet (which I have read somewhere). Whatever the reason, many of us are searching like mad for those special animals we have lost, hoping they come back to us SOON, so that we can continue to share this lifetime together.

To say the least, this has been a very interesting time, and one of the aspects of reincarnation that has been coming to the forefront for me lately with the animals is “walk-ins.” Moose/Merlin, to the left is a perfect example.

But first, for those who may not be familiar with the term “walk-in” as it applies to reincarnation, it simply means that one soul trades places with another soul and takes over that soul’s body, with both souls in agreement. Apparently this is more easily done when there has been an accident or a near death experience and the soul previously inhabiting the body is ready to leave. Usually one soul replaces the other, but sometimes both souls “share” the same body–again, by agreement. And, at least as far as my understanding goes, the souls are usually members of the same “soul group.”

I never thought about how this might apply to animals until a few years ago when I had my first walk-in case where a deceased dog entered another dog who was at a rescue sanctuary. The person involved was very drawn to the particular rescue dog in question, so the soul of her deceased companion zipped right in–by agreement–and co-inhabited the body of the rescu’ee, who was four or five years old at the time and was happy to share her body but not ready to leave. This was my first up-close-and-personal insight into this phenomenon and the fact that it occurs with animals as well as humans. In this case, how the departed spirit chose to display her traits and prove who she was to her person was most fascinating and very specific.

But back to Moose/Merlin. I had an inquiry (through this blog, actually) about a kitten who had come to the attention of a woman whose cat, Merlin, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge not long before. Merlin had been a beautiful black cat with great wisdom. The new kitten was black but, well, he had a lot going on. He had obviously been through major trauma and had some injuries, including a broken jaw. He was not even old enough to be weaned but had somehow found his way into our subject’s life and heart. She of course was not looking for a Merlin replacement but took the kitten in to help rehabilitate him.

And so began the story. Shortly after taking him in, she began to realize there was something special about this kitten and the way they had come together, even though he was born before Merlin departed. The kitten also exhibited a few very particular kitten traits that had been predominant in Merlin when he was a wee lad. Too much to ignore. So, while she called him “Moose” starting out, our reader feels sure that Moose is Merlin, and came back to her as a walk-in, in spite of great odds and life-threatening circumstances. And I happen to agree.

This is how it often happens. Seemingly by accident. Not in ways one could predict. If we are meant to be together, we souls have a divine knowing and understanding of how to make that happen. And sometimes, if all else fails, it’s through coming into a body that already exists, trading places, and settling down into the niche we’re meant to be in–with the person who’s waiting for us.


  1. This post brought a question to my mind–not about animals, but about people. You mentioned that people can also have “walk-ins”. Is it possible for two souls to inhabit the same human body and wouldn’t something have to give by the time the body was nearly 50 to bring this to the forefront of the body’s “original” conscious? Could you possibly direct me to further information? I can give you more background on why I’m asking if that will help.

  2. Hello Joyce – Well, I can’t answer all of your questions here, but yes it is possible for more than one soul to share a body. It is sometimes called a “soul braiding.” I haven’t “read up” on walk-ins in 20 years, so you might just Google for books and information. Include the “soul braiding” words and see if you find anything interesting – I have a feeling you will! This is very fascinating, so come back and let us know what happens. Thanks for posting! Leta

  3. Hi, can you fill me in on the process on the walk in process with a Pet that has just passed over :: How long does it take for the Same Animal Soul to return to you in the same lifetime…. and what sort of signs can I expect….. how can I make sure that My Companion and I do meet each other….. I ask for as much info on this issue as possible…… thankyou very much

  4. Hi Grace, and thanks for posting! Wow, this is a tough question, but I’ll do my best, at least according to my own understanding of these things. First, please go to my blog entitled “Animal Reincarnation” and read the reply I just posted to Grace about what kind of signs to expect regarding a reunion with your animals in this lifetime, as well as when to expect that might happen. But, regarding your first question regarding walk-ins, that is a different topic altogether. A walk-in situation is when one person or animal is dying in the physical body and another soul who is not incarnate comes in and takes over that body. Walk-ins occur ONLY BY AGREEMENT OF BOTH SOULS. (Otherwise, a soul taking over another body would be considered something more like “possession” and is done without the permission of the body being taken over.) So, if your pet does decide to come back to you in this lifetime, s/he might possibly come as a walk-in, or s/he might come in as a new life. Unfortunately, there is no time table or average time souls come back. Each is individual who makes decisions about such things while in spirit and can chart its own course and timing. Since time is a continuum that exists for us humans to track by, but doesn’t really exist, “time” for a soul in spirit form is different than it is for us. So there is just no telling when these kinds of reunions might occur, or in what form. To elaborate on that, again, please go read the message to Grace, and I hope some of this input will be helpful. You might also start searching online for good books on reincarnation and also specifically on walk-ins. They are both fascinating topics. Stay at peace, keep breathing, and keep your heart open. Trust yourself. You know more than you think you know and you will be able to perceive important signals and messages when they come your way if you are relaxed and open about all this instead of overly worried or concerned. Best! And thanks again for posting! Leta

  5. Hi Can you shed any light on how long the walk-in process might take for a Cat….???? who left this world very suddenly and violently…. But I do believe and feel that She is coming back… so is there any amount of time that I should wait before looking for Her again, or how can I tell She might already be in/with the New Cat I have recently adopted….. hoping you can shed some more light on this very fascinating area of animal reincarnation…. thankyou Grace

  6. Hey H&A,

    I want to share you my experience with what I think might be a walk-in. This happened in the past month.

    On the 18th of April my dog died on the age of 8 (almost 9) quite suddenly and most probably of an aggressive form of cancer my vet said. She’s always been attached most to me and I’ve been attached to her a lot too. I knew exactly what every reaction of her meant. Suddenly the house felt so emtpy, eventhough I have 3 other dogs.

    I called the breeder of a puppy I had picked up 6 weeks before my precious died. He was shocked also, had no words for it. Since we didn’t want the pup to grow up without a friend her own size we signed up for a particular nest he had. They were almost 6 weeks old at that time. Were born 5 days after we picked up the pup. He reserved all black & tan puppies for me to pick from, cause I was certain I needed a black & tan puppy.

    Wrong. When it was finally time to pick a puppy he turned out to have Chocolate & Tan puppies and my eye fell on one right away. The breeder told me that she was supposed to be picked up the night before, but that person never showed up. And that she was mine if I wanted her cause he didn’t have much fate in that person anymore.

    This is kind of what happened to the dog that died too… Another breeder was supposed to pick her up, but never did because he turned out to have a female in his own nest.

    Back to the day I picked out the Chocolate & Tan puppy. They were from the same nest as the Black & Tans. And the puppy my eye had fallen on started licking me all over at the moment I picked her up. As if she had missed me for a long time.

    Now at home she’s starting to show some behavior of the dog that had died 3 weeks before picking up this puppy. At first I was like “It can’t be reincarnation, the puppy was born before my dog died”… but then someone told me about walkins and I got to this website.

    What’s also funny is that my old dog had 9 nipples (instead of 8) and this puppy has 7 nipples (instead of 6). They both have an extra nipple.

    Could she be a walkin?

  7. To KIM…… about WALK-INS…… please read
    If the souls of both of you still have work to do, (and you will feel this in your heart and soul), then the Universe will bring you back together, in the most AMAZING and miraculous way, and there is nothing that can stand in the way of this happening…. (as you have already found out !!!!). The only way to tell if this is your beloved companion, is to look deeply into their eyes, and ask them, if they are you precious Beloved returned back to you. And you will feel their answer either in your mind, or your feelings…. Please look up Brent Atwater.. she has a lot to say about this process of “walk in”…… and most of all, TRUST your heart and listen to what your feelings say… for this is HOW your beloved companion may choose to answer you…. or if you prefer, ask the universe for signs (clear yes or clear no….) this works too !!!!!!!!!!! there are infinite ways we can find the answer to our most urgent and pressing animal questions….. I hope you read this KIM.. and find out for sure…. bless you

  8. Hi Kim, and thanks for posting. I giggled when I got to the spot in your message where you said, “…I was certain I needed a black and tan puppy. Wrong!” You were led in just the right way to see the puppy you were to have. I love that. And you trusted yourself. I like what Grace has said about how, if we are to be reunited with another soul, there really is nothing that can keep that from happening. And listening to your own heart, asking, looking into their eyes–all of those are great ways to affirm. But it’s that trusting it will happen that is so key. I hope a lot of people read your story so they will understand how they don’t have to “make it happen” or look too hard to find their beloved animal companion again. Thanks again – wonderful story! Leta

  9. I agree, Grace. Thanks for posting and addressing Kim’s message as well as for giving a good reference. Thanks for posting! Leta

  10. Please do not look up Brent Atwater – choose your own animal communicator who is not insistent you have to use her services in order to post on her site.

    Trust your instincts.

  11. Because the subject of Pet companions and communication is so close to our hearts and souls, it is always wise to simply follow your own inner intuition and check out ANY site that you feel guided to follow. there are many people on the net who deal with animal communication. And No person has the right to tell anyone Who or who NOT to look up. We are all FREE sovereign beings with FREE WILL, able to choose whichever site we desire. Sadly, some animal communicators ABUSE their power and use it for self gain. If one is wise and discerning, one will recognize such people immediately. Let us hope that one day, such people will simply share their knowledge and insight FREELY to those who desperately need it, without demanding their “due.” Has anyone considered that the information that these people have is simply GIVEN to them FREELY to pass onto the relevant souls concerned FREELY…. it is the epitamy of such a greed based society that no-one can simply GIVE these messages to the People concerned without the taint of money. such communicators are doing NOTHING, they are simply passing on messages that belong to the caring Pets owner… therefore they do NOT have any right to charge ANY fee whatsoever.. anyone can be an animal communicator… it simply is a matter of being OPEN to the Divine Truth that All beings are immortal, including our Blessed Animal companions.

  12. I would like to know how long it would take an animal to reincarnate? I had a cat (Pandora) pass on Jan 4 2014. In Oct 2014 I adopted two cats I went specifically for the black Bombay mix (Penny) since she looked like my black cat that had passed, and ended up taking also a beautiful grey cat that was a year old. Penny’s Bday is March 15 2014. I never thought this young black cat could be my Pandora, until she started to act like her in many ways. When I first brought her home she hid and she picked the hiding place Pandora used when ever someone would come over she did not know. She also would not allow the other cat I adopted to go in it. Penny started to go to my night stand as if she were looking for something to be there. I used to keep a glass of water by the bed and Pandora would drink out of the glass, so I put a glass of water on the night stand for her. I took Pandora’s glass and put it on my night stand for Penny immediately she knew it was for her and she drinks her water from the same glass. Is this just a coincidence or is it because both cats came from the same breed of the Burmese and it is just a personality trait of the breed?

  13. Hi Cate, This is a sweet story, and I appreciate your sharing it. And it sounds like Penny could either be a reincarnation or just share breed traits. But either way, I think it’s delightful and probably heart-warming for you. As to your question about how long it takes an animal (or person) to reincarnate, there is no set time frame or formula. From my experience and research, I believe it can happen almost instantly or years later. So who knows? Ah, the mysteries of the Universe! Thanks again for posting. Leta

  14. Hi there,
    My cat recently died on December 11th. A few days after he died, I felt he would reincarnate, and soon. We were very attached to each other. It’s been about 6 weeks and I know the earliest possible day he could be born. Well, last week I saw the shelter post a photo on Facebook of an 11 month old female cat that looked exactly like him, but with a half orange face (she’s a chimera). I felt very drawn to her and went to see her but she is extremely sick. I am torn. If I adopt her, how will I know if it’s a walk-in, or if she is just a special soul that needs saving from the shelter, or if my boy cat’s soul will be scared away if he thinks I have replaced him? I will do my best to find him. I’m new to the idea of reincarnation so this is all very odd for me.

  15. Hi Nat, and thanks for posting. Excellent question and I’m sure this kind of quandary is shared by many. The important thing here is to follow your heart! If you do this your cat who passed will only support you and love you more for it. You were not drawn to this dear female cat for no reason, so if you feel a connection and like you are supposed to take her and help her, then do so. In no way would it ever keep your other cat’s spirit from coming back to you; and yes, it could be a walk-in too, I suppose. If that were to be the case, since this cat is already 11 months old, I would imagine she would “share” the body with your deceased cat rather than have his soul replace hers altogether. You will probably be able to tell a lot if/after you take her, but the bottom line is that it doesn’t really matter either way. It’s all about keeping our heart and soul open to love, and your male cat knows that! All the best and thanks again for posting! Leta

  16. Thank you for getting back to me so soon. I really appreciate your advice! I’m going to check on her tomorrow.

  17. To Nat, “the walk in process is a magikal,mysterious event, directly related to the person and their “animal soul” companion. the best way to know if it is Your Animal that has come back through this process, is to LOOK into the animals eyes (the new one), and if you recognize those eyes to belong to your companion that had previously passed, then TRUST what you feel. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and this includes animals as well…. I myself have seen my beloved Companion in the eyes of another body, within a month of Her passing….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It is the type of experience that makes the hairs on your neck stand up….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because you know in your heart that You Animal companion HAS come back. It cannot be explained, or rationalized in any way. Sometimes the Loss of such a companion breaks one’s heart beyond healing, and the only way for the heart to be healed is to SEE your companion again… in another body….. People who do NOT have animal companions have NO idea of what such a loss feels like, the devastation and despair that can come with such a loss…. Animal connections are infinitely MORE powerful than human connections….. human connections pale in comparison to the Love that is shared, and the intimacy that can exist between the animal and Her Human companion. Trust what you heart tells you, and SEE with clear eyes if YOur companion has come back…. you will SEE them in the new animal’s eyes…. ALWAYS………..

  18. Thank you very much. I think it was more that she was beautiful and looked a lot like my cat. I called this morning and found out she was adopted! I’m very happy. Thank you.

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